“It’s ten times easier to rip a film apart than to write a positive review.” Wim Wenders (I heard him say this in a TV talk show)

I only write about movies I think are good, with a few exceptions**. I don’t think it’s worth wasting time writing about movies I don’t like, or you spending time reading about bad films. I’m going to focus on themes. On what’s interesting about a movie and why I think it’s worth watching — or maybe revisiting.

When people only tell me whether they liked a movie (or book) or not, it isn’t very helpful to me making a decision. The rare exception is people whose judgement you trust because you have similar taste. For example, a friend or reliable movie critic. However, if you are limited to those people, then you will only discover a limited amount of good films. If you want to widen your range you have to do the work of assessing movies based on what they are about — and then take a chance, because you probably know none of the actors or other people involved in the movie.

The typical movie review tells you the plot outline, then whether the person liked the movie, and which actors “did a good job”. I don’t want to leave it at that. Instead I want to concentrate on the themes of the movie and what is actually happening between the characters. The goal of these reviews is to spark a discussion, for you to check out the movie, then return to comment.

This site also reviews any movie from the beginning of moviemaking until the present day. Whether the movie was from 2011 or 1911 doesn’t matter. It only has to be good in my opinion. There are so many great movies which go unnoticed. Whether we discover a movie depends on whether we hear about it and that depends on how much money the filmmakers have to promote the film. A bigger budget means more people will hear about the movie. More people knowing about a movie doesn’t say anything about the quality, only about the success of its marketing and wide distribution.

Cinesprit is all about a passion for movies and how they add to our lives. Movies, books, and storytelling in general, help us reflect on the world around us and sometimes help us deal with life. You might watch a movie, and like it, but then initially forget about it. A few years later, something in real life takes you back to a situation in a movie and helps you grasp it better. Or a movie you watch today, takes you back to old memories and helps you figure things out. We often can’t see the woods for the trees in real life. I believe stories are there to give us enough distance to recognise the woods again, while letting us identify with one of the characters who venture into those woods on our behalf while we watch from the safety of our seat.

I am open to any suggestions of movies to review or to guest posts.


I also have an author blog at marcusclearspring.com

** The exceptions I mentioned are sequels, or movies which are part of a series. In those cases, it makes sense to do a comparison.


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