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Once Upon A Time On Screen – Part 1: Red Riding Hood, Cinderella

Movie versions of familiar tales are fascinating because they show how many different variations are possible. Most are set in the original time period, but some move the action to the time in which the film is made. The really … Continue reading

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Sherlock Holmes And Dr. Watson On Screen – Part 1: Intro and comparison between the BBC’s Sherlock series and Guy Ritchie’s movie series

Sherlock Holmes and his companion Dr. John Watson are two of the most famous and long-lasting characters in fiction. They possibly have the largest number of on-screen interpretations of any literary characters…except for possibly Dracula? This blog series is a … Continue reading

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Midnight in Paris

(cross-posted from Midnight in Paris works because it unabashedly plays with all the romantic fantasies associated with Paris. Or more precisely, the Paris of Hemingway which he wrote about in “A Moveable Feast”. The film indulges us in a fantasy world … Continue reading

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The Once Upon A Time Blog Challenge 2012

I’ll be taking part in the Once Upon A Time Challenge VI I plan on going with the quest on screen and possibly the short story quest. Probably reviewing “The Company of Wolves“. Both the film by Neil Jordan and the original … Continue reading

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The Man Who Planted Trees – Small Changes Make The Difference

“The Man Who Planted Trees” is an animated film by Frédéric Back based on the popular short story by Jean Giono. This beautifully animated film is about a shepherd living in the Provence region of southern France who single-handedly plants … Continue reading

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Pauline at the Beach – Pauline a la plage

“Pauline at the Beach” (Pauline à la plage), was one of the first movies which showed me a different kind of film to what Hollywood made. The others being “Stolen Kisses” (Baisers volés) and “One plus one”. (More on those … Continue reading

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Black Swan

“Black Swan” is a fairly intense psychological thriller. The picture to the left says it all. The image is not a naturalistic photo. It’s a painting, an idealized image…except for the crack. Black Swan is certainly ”not” a dance movie … Continue reading

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Don’t Worry, I’m Fine – Je vais bien, ne t’en fais pas

“Don’t Worry, I’m Fine” (Original title “Je vais bien, ne t’en fais pas” (2006)) is a strong yet quiet drama about a nineteen year old girl, Lili, who’s life falls into turmoil after her brother, Loic, disappears. Lili’s father and … Continue reading

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